Silverside Heartache

by Paddy and the Brandywine Travelers

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"Silverside Heartache" is the debut EP from Philadelphia-based folk/alt-country band Paddy and The Brandywine Travelers.


released December 10, 2013

Paddy Corcoran: Vocals, Guitar
David Atherton: Dobro, Bass
J.C. Bell: Mandolin

*vocal harmonies on "Dear Evalina" provided by Rebekah Weagraff



all rights reserved


Paddy and The Brandywine Travelers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hailing from the majestic green of the Brandywine Valley, Paddy and The Brandywine Travelers are an up and coming original band aiming to bring the sounds of classic American folk to a wide and eager audience. Potent murder ballads like "Faces In The Water" and biting country tunes like "When A Woman Hates Your Guts" keep fresh the haunting twang that seeks to revive the ghosts of days gone by. ... more

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Track Name: Faces in the Water
When I was just a baby, underneath my baby breath
I cursed the Lord above for dressing me in pauper's flesh
If poverty was my future I would surely change its course
By plundering and stealing all that I could not afford

Chorus: These faces in the water and a world beyond my head
I know its my reflection but it seems a ghost instead

I left for Maryland in the year of 1869
Oh, how it pleased me so to leave my parents behind
I fell in with a band of thieves of which I proudly led
To terrorize yours countryside and leave out trails of dead

One night we stumbled 'pon a farm just south of Rising Sun
Intent on taking what we pleased we did in everyone
Through laudanum eyes I looked down at that gal as I drew near
She knew just my intentions as she cried helpless in fear

One morning fate caught up with us, a mob in Chesapeake
They took us by surprise and dragged us down to Elk Neck Creek
They forced us to the water's edge and we dropped to our knees
And as they skinned their steel I heard the shots ring through the trees

The feeling that came o'er me, oh, how could I forget
As each one of their bodies fell face-first into the wet
I looked down, seen me staring fast through water's crystal red
And waited for my turn with no shame and no regret
Track Name: When a Woman Hates Your Guts
I dropped on Silverside and I hung my head in shame
She said she was unsure of us and that I was to blame
She wouldn't wear my ring
How I just wanted to die
And if you've ever felt that sting
You'll know what I imply

When a woman hates your guts
Its the worst pain in the world
She'll damn your eyes and scorn your name
No more that little girl
And it doesn't matter much
Just how hard you even try
She'll damn your past and scorn your blood
Shake hands and say goodbye

I courted her three years
Then for two she wore my ring
She was my rose of the Brandywine
My heart, my everything
Then in the month of June in a summer of decay
She damned my face and spit on me
And then she went away

When a woman hates your face
Oh, what can you even do?
She'll damn everything in your past
And pretend that it weren't true
And it just don't matter much
Just how hard you moan and cry
She'll take everything that you love
And then she'll say goodbye
Track Name: In Heaven When We're Gone
Hello, angel babe
I've got something to say
It won't take long, I promise this to you
I can see it in your eyes
Those darlin' things don't lie
It said that you were leaving me today

And I know there's no way to change your mind
But if you go I've just one thing to say
If you don't want to be my wife
And I can't have you in life
Darlin', can I in Heaven when we're gone?

I know I've done my share
Of causing you despair
I'll admit that I've faltered on some things
No money have I got
I've been penniless a lot
But from your heart I never, ever strayed

And I don't want to waste the time you have left
But if you go I've just one last request
If you don't want to wear my ring
And be my everything
Darlin', can you in Heaven when we're gone?
Track Name: There Go My Teardrops
There go my teardrops
Pourin' down again
There goes my broken heart
Comin' down the same
There go all of my dreams
That will ne'er come true
There go my teardrops
Pourin' down for you

I just wish that God above would stop my beatin' heart
'Cause I'd seen it in your eyes
When you felt that we should part
So there goes all of the years that will never be
Oh, darlin' where's your teardrops
Pourin' down for me?

I'd follow you anywhere even straight to Hell
If that meant my very precious ghost
I'd have to sell
So there goes all of the times
That we'll never see
Oh, darlin' you had no teardrops
Streamin' down for me